5 Health Benefits Of Using A Humidifier With Your Air Conditioner

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5 Health Benefits Of Using A Humidifier With Your Air Conditioner

5 Health Benefits Of Using A Humidifier With Your Air Conditioner

25 May 2016
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Some people choose not to use an air conditioner because the dry air bothers their sinuses. You don't want to live in the miserable heat because you can't handle the dry air. There are things you can do to make the air from the air conditioning more comfortable, so you can cool off and enjoy your day. You can buy a humidifier to turn the cold, dry air into cold, moist air. Here are some important health benefits of using a humidifier with your air conditioner.

Reduce Illness

People tend to get surprised when they get sick during the summertime. Of course, you can get sick any time of year, but it happens more often in winter. This is because the cold air lowers your immune system and you don't naturally fight off illnesses as easily. During the summer, you can get sick easier than you might think. Bacteria travels more quickly in dry air, so you have a greater chance of getting sick with the air conditioner blasting. What does this mean for your hot summer days? All it means is that you should purchase a humidifier to use along with your air conditioner. It could stop you from getting the flu or another illness.

Improve Dry Skin

During the summer, you might notice that you need more lotion. You might have gone from using it a few times per week to a few times per day. The dry air from the air conditioner sucks the moisture right out of your skin. You need some humidity in the air for your skin to soak up. The humidifier can work wonders for your skin. You'll be able to skip the lotion more often and have some natural moisture. When you turn on the air conditioner, turn on the humidifier too.

Regain Lost Voice

If you find yourself waking up with a hoarse voice, the cold, dry air might have something to do with it. Your voice box is lubricated with mucus, and it needs to stay lubricated to work properly. As you breathe in the cold, dry air all night and day, the lubrication dries out. It doesn't replenish like it should because the air is drying out your nose as well. Don't just keep your humidifier on during the day. Make sure you use it at night too, especially if you're feeling extra dry.

Stop Snoring

If you have a problem with snoring every night, you probably aren't getting quality sleep. It can make you very groggy and low on energy the next day. If you have a partner snoring next to you, that's not going to allow you to sleep well either. People tend to try nose strips and other remedies to stop snoring, but opening the nasal passages isn't going to work all the time. You need to fix the problem from the source, and the source is dry air. The membranes drying out in your nose is causing you to breathe through your mouth. As you breathe through your mouth, your throat gets dry and causes a vibrating sound as you breathe. You need to moisturize your nose and mouth, and you can do this with a humidifier.

Moisten Dry Eyes

The cold, dry air dries out your throat, nose, and skin, but what else can it affect? It can also dry out your eyes. If your eyes are dry and burning on a regular basis, you need to add some moisture to the air. The natural lubrication is getting dried out too quickly by the air conditioning. The humidifier can make your life for comfortable by making your eyes more comfortable.

As you can see, air conditioners don't come without their issues. However, it's not worth not using an air conditioner during the summertime. All you need is a humidifier going in your home too. Purchase a humidifier before you turn on your AC this summer so your body can stay moisturized and healthy. You can also work with a company like A Bailey Plumbing to have a humidifier installed inside your AC so the whole system keeps your home from drying out.

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