Using Dry Stone In Outdoor Construction And Gardening Projects

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Using Dry Stone In Outdoor Construction And Gardening Projects

Using Dry Stone In Outdoor Construction And Gardening Projects

24 May 2018
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These days, lots of people are interested in creating gardens that have a very natural appearance. Obviously, they won't want a garden that appears to be overgrown. However, they might prefer gardens that look less manicured and artificial than the gardens they may have seen in the recent past. There are many different ways to create this effect, and dry masonry can help. When the stones of walls are not bound using mortar, the walls will tend to have the sort of classic appearance that will work effectively as part of a more natural garden. Dry masonry can be used in the creation of a number of different structures, including decorative stone walls. 

Adding Stone Walls to a Garden

When planning out the layout of a given landscape, it's often important to try to break up the space in some way. If there is too much open space in a garden, it usually won't be interesting to see. Some people will add rows of flowers and other plants in order to fill in some of the empty space. However, building a stone wall can make the garden look more varied, especially when people use dry masonry. The stone wall can be set up within the garden itself. People might also use stone walls in order to establish the point where the garden ends. 

People Can Use Stone Walls Instead of Fences

Some people don't like white picket fences and similar structures, but they will still want other structures that will more or less perform the same functions. They can put together stone walls instead, and they'll automatically create gardens that look very unique as a result. The stone walls will provide powerful barriers that still will not appear to be overly intimidating, striking the right balance. People who use these stones to create bridges will also be able to take advantage of the solid and yet ornamental nature of dry masonry. 

Bridges Made from Stones Will Look Lovely in Many Larger Gardens

People who have creeks running through their gardens might want to build decorative bridges, and they can use dry masonry in the process. Bridges like these will be strong and intricate, and they'll fit in well with their surroundings. These bridges will vary in terms of their exact characteristics, giving people the chance to be flexible when they're designing everything. There are many possibilities involved with dry masonry. 

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