Does Your Home's Awning Need Repair?

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Does Your Home's Awning Need Repair?

Does Your Home's Awning Need Repair?

19 August 2018
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Whether you own a retractable or traditional awning over your home's porch, deck, or main windows, you need to keep your awning in healthy condition. One way to do this is by recognizing when your awning is in need of repairs or professional maintenance. Use this guide to help you decide if your awning needs repairs so you can have them done before the unit needs to be replaced entirely.

Your awning frame is bent

Awning frames may bend if they are placed under pressure or pulled on. Perhaps you accidentally yanked on your awning while you were putting it away or heavy snowfall on your open awning caused it to dip.

Even if your awning's frame doesn't keep the unit from providing shade and protection, the warped frame will eventually break or bend even more, deeming your awning potentially useless. Have your awning repair specialist come to your home and inspect your awning's frame. The frame can be reshaped and repaired if the damage doesn't include cracks or tears, or the frame will have to be replaced if there are signs of rust or other structural damage.

Your awning is torn

Awning materials are designed to withstand heavy abuse from rain, snow, wind, and even constant sun exposure. Over time, however, the materials may start to thin out and rip or tear. A small tear can quickly grow, especially if you use a retractable awning and pull the unit in and out of its setting often.

Before a small tear turns into a major concern, have your awning inspected. Small tears that are not easily noticeable can be patched or sewn. Larger tears, especially around seams or edges, are harder to fix and indicate your awning material is ready to be replaced.

Your awning is stained or mildewed

Stains and mildew or mold do occur on awnings, especially if they are left out in rain or snow and not allowed to dry properly. You can clean some stains off your home's awning by spraying the material with a pressure hose and regular dishwashing detergent. If mold or mildew is present, however, your awning needs professional care.

Your awning specialist will restore your awning to beautiful condition by using special cleaning tools and chemicals to rid the material of deep-set stains. The end result is an awning that looks good as new again, so you can proudly use your awning as part of your home's curb appeal. For more information, contact your local awning repair services.

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