3 Services Your Chimney Contractor Should Be Able To Offer

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3 Services Your Chimney Contractor Should Be Able To Offer

3 Services Your Chimney Contractor Should Be Able To Offer

20 October 2020
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Are you looking for someone to service your chimney for you? Here are a few important services your new chimney contractor should be able to offer.

Full-Service Inspections

Your chimney should be completely inspected at least once a year to make sure that it is in proper working order and to minimize the risk of an uncontrollable fire developing when your fireplace is in use. An inspection will ensure that your fireplace is safe and ready for use throughout the winter months and give you peace of mind in knowing that your household won't be in danger whenever a fire is started.

During an inspection, your service provider should ensure that no obstructions or combustible components like creosote are stuck inside the chimney. They will also make sure that the venting system is in optimal working condition and replace any parts that look worn, rusted, or damaged in any other way. They should use the guidelines of organizations such as the National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America to complete the inspection and ensure that nothing important is overlooked.

Chimney Sweeping

Your chimney contractor should also have no problem sweeping your fireplace and chimney clean regularly to keep soot from building up. The chimney and the flue are typically brushed with large wire brushes that look similar to brooms. Your service provider would climb up on your roof and brush downward to make the dirt and soot fall through the chimney and into the fireplace.

As your service provider does this, there will be a vacuum inside sucking the soot up from within the fireplace so that it doesn't get all over your house. Your service provider will likely cover the opening of your fireplace to make sure that no dust or soot can sift into the air before the vacuum can pick it up.

Chimney Rebuilding

Your chimney sticks up above your roof, where it can't be protected from the outdoor elements like wind, rain, and snow. The elements put a lot of strain on the chimney and can make it start to wear. If the wear isn't caught in time, the damage it develops could be so severe that an entirely new chimney may be needed at some point.

Rebuilding the chimney when signs of wear and tear start to become noticeable will maximize its overall lifespan. Your service provider should be able to replace bricks, reseal the bricks, get rid of rust where necessary, and complete tuckpointing to ensure structural stability and for a bit of extra weather protection.

For more information, reach out to a local chimney service.

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