4 Brilliant Tips For Effective Weed Control

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4 Brilliant Tips For Effective Weed Control

4 Brilliant Tips For Effective Weed Control

22 April 2021
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One brilliant way to improve your gardening skills is by conducting thorough research from various online platforms. Seeking advice from experts can also do the trick! These and many other ways can help you enjoy the benefits of a healthy garden.

While gardening can be daunting and most likely to take up most of your time, there are various gardening tips to help you avoid time and money wastage. Especially if you find it challenging to control weeds that seem to grow now and then constantly.

Weeds are pretty common. However, this doesn't mean you cannot control them. Read on to identify a few brilliant tips for effective weed control.

Mulch Layering

The first tip to help you in weed control includes mulching. This is where you place a layer of material on the surface of your soil. It has various benefits such as a boost in soil fertility, retains soil moisture, and, most importantly, weed control.

The mulch layer deprives weeds of sunlight, and without sunlight, the weeds will not grow. However, you need to be extra cautious about the type of mulch you use in your garden to ensure the method is effective.

Reduce Your Digging Activities

As much as digging your garden is beneficial, you should reduce how often you do it if you want to control weed growth. While digging, you promote the growth of weeds by bringing the weed seeds to the surface.

If you dig deeper than you should, this dramatically promotes weed growth since more seeds will be brought to the surface, which you don't want. If you are looking for an effective weed control method, avoid digging your garden, and instead opt for other methods such as lasagne gardening.

Water Your Garden Correctly

There is no better way to reduce the growth of weeds in your garden than to deprive them of water. This is whereby you water the roots of your plants and leave out those of weeds. You can do so by using drip hoses. Note that this method best works with mulching.

After mulching, you should place the drip houses beneath the mulch. This allows the plants to get watered appropriately, leaving out the weeds thirsty. This ultimately reduces their growth.

Boiling Water

If you are looking for another unique method to control the growth of weed, you should consider this technique. This is where you pour boiling water into your garden to kill all weeds. This method is quite practical, particularly if the weed is growing on your garden's path.


If you go the extra mile in taking care of other aspects of your garden, the above tips with help your garden thrive. Beyond these tips, find ways you can enrich your soil for long-term benefits. 

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