Buying A Dining Room Table

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Buying A Dining Room Table

Buying A Dining Room Table

21 May 2021
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   Get a jump on this year's holiday season and replace your dining table now, taking advantage of clearance sales and deals available in the off-season. Give yourself the gift of having a dining room table with seats for the entire family at Thanksgiving, Christmas, or family get-togethers to celebrate a birthday or graduation. When shopping for dining tables, you will want to know a few essential things, starting with the size of table that will look best in your space.

Shape and Size

Be it a rectangle, circle, or square, dining tables must fit into a specific area comfortably. A useful rule of thumb is to allow for at least two feet on either end of the table and three feet on the longer sides for rectangular dining table rooms. For dining tables that are circular, allow for three feet from every seat and the same for a square. You want to have space to proudly carry in your delicious Thanksgiving turkey and place it in the center of the dining table without bumping into your guests or asking them to move out of the way. Be sure to measure the room or space where your dining table will be placed before setting out to the dining table store.

Seating and Style

Once at the dining table store, head over to the dining room furniture department and think about how many people you usually seat at a meal. For example, if you need four seats for your family's everyday needs and ten for special occasions, then you will be looking for a table with a leaf or two to expand your space for special occasions. You may feel overwhelmed with the choices, but once you focus on dining tables in the style of your home and other furnishings, the process will be much more manageable. Whether your preference is a farm house table, a formal walnut dining table, or an acrylic and glass contemporary table, several choices will be available to you.


Make sure to check with your dining table store to clarify exactly what you dining table comes with. Dining table stores might have sales or deals that include chairs or benches, which could provide savings to you in the future and also be more convenient. Along with this, assembly is another factor to consider — does your dining room table come pre-assembled? Or will you have to spend a few hours with your screwdriver putting it together? Depending on your schedule, this might make a big difference. Finally, does the dining table store offer delivery? Is it free delivery? If not, the added cost of renting a moving van to pick up and drop off your new table at your house will need to be added into the overall price. Not to mention, renting a moving van adds another layer of complexity and for many it will probably be worth the cost of paying for the dining table store to deliver it for you. The overall price is probably one of the most important things to consider when searching for a dining table. It is important not to break the bank! Have patience when searching for a new dining room table, and you'll eventually find a great deal on the dining table of your dreams.  

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