Fall Is The Time To Replace Those Lifted Shingles

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Fall Is The Time To Replace Those Lifted Shingles

Fall Is The Time To Replace Those Lifted Shingles

6 October 2021
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When you look up at your roof, do you see some shingles that are lifted up along the edges? It's easy to just turn away and ignore the problem, but if you're wise, you won't do that. Having your lifted shingles replaced is a smarter choice overall, and fall is the best time of year to do that. Here's why.

You'll prevent further lifting due to ice buildup.

When your shingles are lifted along the edge, you can bet that water will creep under those edges. And when winter rolls in, the cold weather will definitely cause that water to freeze. When water freezes, it expands, and in the process, it will raise the shingles further off the roof. Before long, the shingles might go missing completely, and then you'll have leaks. If you have the lifted shingles replaced before fall, then you won't have to worry about this freeze-lifting process when winter comes.

The shingles will adhere well.

Fall is a great time to have shingles replaced because the lower temperatures will help the shingles seal to the roof well. Your roofers will use nails to hold the shingles in place, but there is also some adhesive along the edge of each shingle. This adhesive does not stick well in the brutal heat of summer or in the dead cold of winter. But during fall's middling temperatures, the adhesive sticks really well, which means the new shingles will be less likely to lift up.

Roofers tend to have time.

In the winter, there are a lot of emergency roof repairs that need to be made. In the summer, lots of people have their roofs replaced. But in the fall, the roofing business tends to be a bit slower. Your roofer will have more time to get to your shingle replacement, and you'll have an easier time scheduling them at a convenient time.

Your roofer can check for other issues at the same time.

If your roof has any other problems, such as popped nails or missing shingle granules in another area, it's best to find out about them and have them repaired before winter. Having your lifted shingles replaced in the fall gives your roofer a chance to look for these other problems, which might otherwise develop into a roofing emergency.

Fall is the season for pumpkin carving, apple picking, and raking leaves. It's also the perfect season to have your lifted shingles repaired. For more information about maintaining your roofing, contact a local company.

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