Built A New Patio? 2 Types Of Covers You Can Put Over It

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Built A New Patio? 2 Types Of Covers You Can Put Over It

Built A New Patio? 2 Types Of Covers You Can Put Over It

11 January 2023
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If you just built a new patio for your yard, you should put a cover over it. This protects things you place on the patio. This also protects you and your family if it rains so you can still go outside and enjoy the patio. There are different types of patio covers available, two of which are listed below. 

Awning Patio Covers

If your patio is attached to your home an awning patio cover would work well for you. This patio cover angles down so water and other debris roll off it. There are awning patio covers that are permanently fixed in place. There are awning patio covers that you can open and close.

You can choose the size you want for awning patio covers. You can choose from a variety of designs and colors. Many awning patio covers have frames to provide automation and reinforcements. If you choose an awning that you can open and close, there are some that have a hand crank or there are electric retractable awnings that you use a remote to open and close. Retractable awnings are beneficial as they are durable and last a long time. This is because you can close it during bad weather, such as during high winds, when you are not using the patio.

Pergola Patio Covers

Another option you have is a pergola patio cover. This is a structure that is placed over the patio. The roofing may be solid or have spaced rafters. Rafters allow light to come through the cover and offer better air circulation. Pergolas are available as attached, free standings, or hanging. There are different roofing options available. One type is an arched roof which makes the pergola look more aesthetic. There are different decorative designs available. Vines can be planted to grow up a pergola. If you have one with rafters, you can weave lights through them to add more interest to the pergola. 

Pergolas are made of glass, stone, plastic, wood, or metal. Pergolas are available in a variety of sizes so you can find one large enough to fit over your patio. One benefit of choosing a pergola is it is low in maintenance. This is because they do not need resurfacing, painting, or frequent cleaning. You may find, however, that pergola awnings are more expensive than other types. 

Talk with a salesperson that sells patio covers to learn about other types that are available.

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