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November 11, 2004
Dear Magic Eightball,
I got a card in my email from my best friend that had the magic eightball on it. I couldn't think of a question, so I just clicked it and I got the answer, "she knows". I wrote to my friend and said that I'd gotten that answer, and she told me that she'd seen my boyfriend with another girl that week. I was upset and asked another question that's private, but the answer I got was "who cares". But I really love my boyfriend, and I would do anything to save my relationship, so I asked, What can I do to save my relationship and I got this answer. "Suck up harder". And that's what I did, and Joe and I are truly happy, now. Thank you, Magic Eightball!

(name withheld)

January 20, 2005
Dear 8-ball,
I was shopping and saw two pairs of shoes that I really liked, one pair was red and the other was yellow and they would both go with two outfits, so I was having trouble choosing between them. I decided to ask the 8-ball, and the response was "I can't be arsed" so I bought a purple pair and an outfit to go with them and everyone says that I really look great in purple! Thanks!

Tina in Missouri

January 21, 2005
Dear magic eightball,
I am a stockbroker and I've been using the eightball for the past 4 months to make all my decisions, with excellent results. Last week my boss asked what my secret is and I told him it's the magic eightball and he looked at me like I was crazy, and then I heard some people talking about me being fired, so I asked the magic eightball what to do and the answer was "say you were just kidding" and I did and it worked!

"Crazy" Steve, New Jersey

June 13, 2005
Dear magic 8ball,
I have been using the eightball for about three months to make all my major decisions, and it works pretty well. I'm wondering if you have a version that I can use for taking tests.


September 4, 2005
Dear Magic Eightball,
I asked the eightball if there was going to be a big storm and "Maybe not" was the answer I got, so I played golf. It was a good game. Thanks Magic Eightball!


September 5, 2005
Dear Magic 8 Ball,
Too bad the 8 ball can't tell me where to look for the things I spend hours searching for online.