Deck Your Hunting Lodge's Interior With Some Creature Comforts And Luxuries

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Deck Your Hunting Lodge's Interior With Some Creature Comforts And Luxuries

Deck Your Hunting Lodge's Interior With Some Creature Comforts And Luxuries

24 October 2017
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If you purchased a small hunting lodge that is furnished with basic items and does not contain any luxuries you would find in your own home, you may not be overly anxious to plan overnight trips that require sleeping in your new digs. Before planning an upcoming hunting expedition with your friends, deck the lodge's interior with some creature comforts and luxuries so that you and your pals will enjoy time spent in the lodge. 

Entertainment Center And Audio/Visual Equipment

Purchase an entertainment center that is constructed of wooden boards that match the color of the interior walls of the lodge. A center that contains plenty of drawers and shelves will provide you with ample space to store your music collection or favorite movies. Place a spare television set on one of the center's shelves and hook up a video player nearby.

Install a basic stereo system and place it on top of the entertainment center. After you and your buddies spend the day hunting, you can all come back to the lodge and kick back while listening to a variety of music selections or watching some popular movies. 

Fully Stocked Mini Bar And Bar Set

Purchase a mini bar and stock it with alcoholic beverages and mixes. Buy some plastic or styrofoam cups and large bags of ice and store them in the lodge's kitchen. Visit a furniture store or antique dealer and browse bar sets that are for sale. Look for a bar set that includes a lightweight bar structure and several detachable stools. After purchasing a bar set, place it along one side of the lodge's living room.

Install colorful light strings over the bar so that you can dim the lights in the lodge and enjoy the festive lights when serving beverages to your friends. Place a couple decks of cards or board games along one end of the bar so that you and your peers can enjoy friendly competitions while drinking beverages. 

Futon Couch And Chairs

If the hunting lodge is lacking beds or if there is only one bed inside of the master bedroom, invest in a futon couch and chairs so that your friends will be provided with plenty of space to stretch out. Set the ensemble of furniture in front of the entertainment center. Place extra linens inside of the bathroom closet so that your guests can make up their beds after opening the futon furniture pieces. 

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