Are You Adding Accent Pieces To Beautify Your Home?

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Are You Adding Accent Pieces To Beautify Your Home?

Are You Adding Accent Pieces To Beautify Your Home?

12 June 2019
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Even though you might have super nice furniture in each room of your house, do you feel like it lacks pizzaz? Maybe you already have a plan to give each room a more attractive look. If so, that means you are probably already shopping, aren't you? Maybe you are still a bit stumped as what you can do to add interest to your home decorating. If so, from selecting artwork to buying 20-pack tool-free picture hooks, here are some ideas that might help you.

Art That Can Give Your House Personality - Think of things you and your family love and use those interests in the way you decorate. For example, perhaps you love going to the beach each year for your summer vacation. If that's the case, consider framing photographs of pictures you have taken while your children built sandcastles. Those pictures would be great in your family room. With the beach in mind, think of purchasing originals or prints of things like sailboats, lighthouses, and seascapes. Those works of art would be perfect for your living room and dining room, wouldn't they?

Maybe you have had the fun of traveling to foreign countries. If so, consider using your souvenirs as home decor. For example, did you buy a lovely mantilla while you were in Barcelona or Madrid? Maybe you bought a reboso, or shawl, while you were in Mexico. Wouldn't either of those be a fabulous wall hanging? 

Maybe you have a collection of adorable aprons. Instead of tucking them in one of your kitchen drawers, wouldn't it be fun to display your favorite ones on your kitchen wall? Do your sons collect sports caps? Or, it might be sports banners they collect. Whether it's the caps or the banners, think of hanging them on your kid's walls as part of their bedroom decor.

Buy a 20-Pack of Tool-Free Picture Hooks - While hanging art and other objects on the walls of your home might give it a unique look, permanent hardware might damage the walls. Plus, what if you want to change the decor and you have holes in your walls? That's not a pretty picture, right? 

Buying a 20-pack of tool-free picture hooks is a great solution. Not only are they super affordable, but they're extremely easy to use. If you can peel off a piece of adhesive, then you can use the tool free picture hooks. One hook will probably be enough for hanging light things like baseball caps or aprons. However, if you are having heavier artwork, you might need to use two or more hooks. 

Taking the hooks off is just as easy as it was placing them on the walls. If you're not happy with the way your design turned out, say you didn't like the spacing, no worries. Simply unstick the picture hook and move it. Tool-free hooks are so affordable that you can buy them for every single thing you're going to hang. 

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