Everything You Need To Know About Ridgestone

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Everything You Need To Know About Ridgestone

Everything You Need To Know About Ridgestone

27 April 2020
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When designing a home or garden, it's best to mix building materials to create a more varied, interesting appearance. Stone is a classic material that has been used for building since the dawn of construction, and it still has many practical uses today. Ridgestone can be used to enhance the appearance of your home or garden, giving it a fantasy appeal. Here's everything you need to know about ridgestone if you'd like to incorporate it into your design plans.

1. It is an alternative to brick.

If you like the appearance of brick but you'd like a more rustic alternative, ridgestone is just the product for you. Ridgestone can be used in construction the same way you'd utilize brick. It makes a good material for wall building, and it can be used to create a facade on the interior or exterior of your home. Unlike brick, ridgestone is not perfectly flat and smooth on its face. As its name suggests, ridgestone features natural grooves and ridges that provide the illusion of weathering.

2. It can be used in conjunction with other granite stone products.

Ridgestone is one of the more polished varieties of stone. It's less rustic than other granite stone products available for purchase. However, it can easily be combined with other types of natural stone. You can intersperse ridgestone with flagstone to create a beautiful, interesting pathway. It can be combined with fieldstone for building projects if you long for the rough, unpolished look of natural stone.

3. It can be purchased in several different colors.

Ridgestone is sold in various different colors. If you like the rich, warm red of bricks, you can find ridgestone in terracotta hues. Grey, gold, beige, and white are other color options available to you. Some varieties of ridgestone are more richly pigmented, while others feature a more delicate coloration. Even among the same color batch, there will be quite a bit of natural variation. Ridgestone is a natural product that is not uniform by nature. Keep this in mind when coming up with your design plan. If you can embrace the natural color differences in ridgestone, you will be very happy with the visual effects it can create.

4. It can be cut into two shapes.

Flat, rectangular pieces of ridgestone are commonly used for construction. Rectangular stone is ideal for constructing walls, laying paths, and building facades. However, you may wish to build using a more whimsical shape. Ridgestone can also be cut into round shapes that will create a more organic effect when used as a facade.

For more information about ridgestone, contact a stone service in your area.

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