Protocols to Use When Dealing With an Epoxy Floor Installation in the Garage

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Protocols to Use When Dealing With an Epoxy Floor Installation in the Garage

Protocols to Use When Dealing With an Epoxy Floor Installation in the Garage

29 July 2021
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A lot of garage owners end up putting an epoxy coating on the floors. It gives them shine and added protective qualities. If you don't want to mismanage an epoxy floor installation, here are some key protocols worth using.

Deal with Dust Particles

If your garage floor has structural problems like cracks, you'll want to address them. Completing these sorts of repairs often creates dust, which you don't want to leave behind because it will make your epoxy coatings not last as long in the garage. 

Spend time removing all of these dust particles so that the effort you put into applying this floor coating ends up being worth it. You'll have a more convenient cleaning experience if you use a large industrial vacuum that comes with multiple attachments. It will do all of the work while you make sure relevant spots are treated. 

Properly Mix Coatings

To get epoxy coatings at the right consistency for an optimal installation on your garage floors, you need to mix them properly. This is a step that can trip up a lot of people because they either go too fast or just use the wrong mixing equipment.

You'll want to first get a container that can hold the coatings. Then review the manufacturer's instructions to see what an ideal consistency should look like. Then once you have a thorough mix and you've verified this through testing, you're ready for application. You don't want to delay this step because then the epoxy coating's properties could change depending on the temperature and other factors.

Make Sure Roller Doesn't Shed

Probably the best tool to apply epoxy coatings on garage floors is a roller. These cleaning instruments come in large sizes, which saves you from having to go over the floor with an epoxy coating that many times. Just make sure your roller doesn't shed.

If it did, that's going to directly impact the installation you're able to have with epoxy coatings. If you can't keep the roller from shedding because it's old or damaged, find a new roller that can retain its materials throughout every passing.

There are numerous benefits to putting epoxy coatings on floors in a garage. These benefits will remain long-lasting if you make sure your installation methods account for potential problems. Then issues won't be likely to show up, whether you're mixing epoxy or applying it with a roller. To learn more, contact epoxy flooring companies. 

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