Hurricane Screens Protect Your Patio And Home From Wind, Rain, And Flying Debris

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Hurricane Screens Protect Your Patio And Home From Wind, Rain, And Flying Debris

Hurricane Screens Protect Your Patio And Home From Wind, Rain, And Flying Debris

8 November 2022
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If you live where hurricanes threaten your home, you need as much protection as you can afford. That could mean installing impact windows or shutters to protect your home. Another option is to install hurricane screens. These screens are ideal for use on covered patios so the patio can be enclosed with the screens to keep rain and wind away from your home. Here's what you should know.

Hurricane Screens Are For Wide Open Spaces

These screens are not the best choice for individual windows. Instead, the large screens can cover wide spaces like a covered patio. The screens are made of fabric that can be cut to fit an arch or rectangular shape. The screens not only protect your patio, but they also protect the inside of your home since the screens keep rain and wind from blowing into your patio and hurling debris against your home's windows or patio door.

The Screens Are Attractive When Open Or Closed

Hurricane screens are usually mounted permanently, so when they're not in use, the screen is rolled up and hidden in a thin box. The box is small so it doesn't detract from the appearance of your home too much. When the screens are pulled down, they have a nice look. You can usually buy the screens in beige, black, and white.

A nice benefit of the screen material is that you can see through it. This keeps you from feeling like you're closed up in your home while you're waiting on the storm to arrive. Plus, the screens can also be used as sun shades during nice weather. They block the sun so your patio and home stay a little cooler when the sun is beating down on your patio.

The Screen Material Is Strong

The material used to make the screens is exceptionally strong. It can withstand hurricane-force winds and items being blown against the screens. The screens are able to provide the same level of protection as shutters, but being made of fabric, they are easier to use and prettier to view.

However, the success of your hurricane screens depends on proper installation so there are no gaps in the fabric and no weeks spots along the tracks. You can get the screens installed to work manually or automatically. Both methods work fast to lower the screens so you can get ready for a storm at the last minute.

Hurricane screens are a good way to protect your home from strong winds and driving rain. Plus, since they act as sun protection too, so you get double the value when they're used on your patio.  

For more info about hurricane screens, contact a local company. 

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