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Three Reasons Why Metal Roofing Is Such A Great Choice For Your Custom House

5 April 2018
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Having the opportunity to build a custom house is definitely something that you should be extremely proud of. It often takes years of sacrifice and discipline to save the money or build up the credit enough to make it happen. The freedom that you get to experience as you pick out all of the amazing features that you've always wanted in a home can be absolutely exhilarating, causing you to feel like your dreams have finally come true.
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Two Tips For Eliminating Salt From Your Lawn

23 February 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Although salt is wonderful for melting ice and snow, it can wreck your lawn and make it tough for grass to grow. This is because salt absorbs water and can prevent the grass and other plants from getting enough moisture, resulting in a brown, lifeless yard. To avoid this problem and give your yard the best chance to shine, here are two ways to remove salt from your lawn. Apply Gypsum to Your Lawn
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The Single Life: Hiring a Maid Service

Being single means there is no one else in the house to take care of the laundry or the cleaning. After a hard day at work, I decided that the last thing I wanted to do was come home and deal with the breakfast dishes. That's why I decided to look into options for house cleaning services. I found a great service that paired me with an excellent housekeeper. She comes in three afternoons a week and whips everything into shape. The carpets are cleaned, the bathroom has never looked better, and I even have fresh sheets on the bed every week. If you would rather not spend your free time cleaning house, let me tell you more about hiring a cleaning service. Once you hear about all the perks, you'll be ready to hire a service too.